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Bulletproof / Resistant Glass. Ballistic glass is manufactured in a range of thicknesses and compositions to meet a number of international security standards. The 3 major glazing standards are the European BS EN 1063 and the US UL752 and NIJ 0108.01. These technical performance specifications require a set number of test samples to withstand impacts from a range of bullets travelling at specified speeds, Ballistic Protection GroupBallistic Protection Group products are laboratory and field tested. Before our products enter the field for service they have been certified by 3rd party test facilities to assure the Bullet and Blast Resistant (BR) glass, doors, and frames have met the UL 752 test standards for the Level they are labeled to meet.

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Manufacturing options for Bullet Resistant:Fiberglass (UL Level 1-8, Rifle + Handgun protection) Glass Clad Polycarbonate LEXGARD, Acrylic Maximum size of 4 x 8 Glass pane; Steel and Aluminum; Composite Material Maximum size of 4 x 8 lightweight bullet resistant composite panel; Window Frames (UL Level 1-8, Rifle + Handgun protection) Bullet Resistant Glass UL752 Level 8 Bullet ResistanceThis rifle resistant glazing provides effective protection for a variety of safety and security applications. (UL752 Level 8 bullet resistance is equal to NIJ 0108.01 Level III requirements.) This bullet resistant laminated glass can withstand a .308 Winchester round, with no spall. The bullet resistant glazing provides 77% visible light transmittance. Bullet Resistant Glass:Explaining the UL Rating System It must be able to resist a minimum of three 9mm FMJs traveling at a minimum velocity of 1,175 feet per second (f/s) Level 2:Defines bullet resistant glass designed to withstand fire from larger caliber handguns. It must withstand at least three shots of .357 magnum soft points traveling at a

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The original manufacturers of UL-listed Armortex bullet-resistant products offers the most comprehensive assortment of bullet and blast-resistant and forced entry construction products including doors, windows, fiberglass composite panels and specialty products. Bulletshield® is rated to UL 752 standards. Ideal for upgrading existing Choosing UL 752 Ballistic Levels Bullet Resistance At this level, we see how UL 752 Standards are non-linear as the same the thickness of materials and density of materials will drop in comparison to Level 5. This is the same type of ammo seen in UL Level 1. However, along with the increase in the number of shots fired, the velocity of the bullet is increased from 358 m/s to 427 m/s. PART 3 of 3 - Bullet Resistance (Ballistic) and Blast May 18, 2017 · What makes a product bullet resistant? There are several ratings that could describe the level of bullet resistance in a product. The most common are:UL 752; National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 0108.01; State Department SD-STD-02.01; ASTM F-1233; HP White Laboratories HPW-TP 0500.02; European Standard DIN EN 1063; British Standards Institution

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INSTALLATION:When used for ballistic protection, glazing should be installed in a UL Level 2 Bullet Resistant frame system. Holes must be covered with a UL listed device. All glass should be installed in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the current edition of the Glass Association of North America (GANA) Glazing and Sealant Manuals. Security Glazing Specification 1 General 2 Materials UL 972 6.2 Bullet resistant glass:Glass shall be capable at a minimum of meeting:ASTM F 1233 class (_____) with (no bullet penetration / no spall) UL 752 level (_____) 6.3 Blast resistant glass:Glass shall be capable at a minimum of meeting:ASTM F 1642 Glass Fragmentation Condition (_____) while withstanding Figure 1 below Standards US Bulletproofing7 rows · Note:Ballistic and forced entry protection can also be specified and achieved in a blast

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5' x 10'. 3' x 10'. 4' x 10'. 5' x 10'. Custom sizes available. Level 4 Bullet Resistant Performance Level. Ul752 Standard for Bullet Resisting Equipment - Level 4 Paragraph 4.6. One Hour Fire Rating Per ASTM E119-98. ASTM F1233-98 Standard Test Method for Forced Entry Testing of Materials/Assemblies. UL Standard UL 752This revision of ANSI/UL 752 is being issued to reflect the reaffirmation of the ANSI approval of the standard. No technical changes have been made to the document. Standard 752, Edition 11 Edition Date:September 09, 2005 ANSI Approved:December 11, 2015 USD $402.00-$998.00. Purchase Options Get Update Alerts. UNIFIED FACILITIES CRITERIA (UFC) DESIGN TO RESIST UNIFIED FACILITIES CRITERIA (UFC) REVISIONSUMMARY SHEET . Document:UFC 4-023-07, Design to Resist Direct Fire Weapons Effects, Change 1 Superseding:UFC 4-023-07, Design to Resist Direct Fire Weapons Effects Description:This change updated the

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3 rows · UL752 Level 8 Bullet Resistant Glass A ballistic laminated glass that provides