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Bronze Marine Gate Valve, JIS F7367, 2 Inch, 5K - Dervos

Easy open/close, reliable sealing and long service life. The valve is designed in a back-seat structure. Keywords of Bronze Marine Gate Valve, JIS F7367, 2 Inch, 5K Doors/HatcHes - Anchor MarineQUICK ACTING DOOR #105 6-DOG DUTCH DOOR #106 DOUBLE DOOR #110 QUICK ACTING LEVER OPERATED DOOR #200 DROP BOLT HATCH (Open) (Closed) Hasp & Eye For Padlock Centering Wedge Grab Handle Panel Wedge Handwheel Bushing Coupling Packing Fitting Dog Arm Frame Frame Angle Panel Spring Wedge Shims Hex Swivel Guide Cover Cover

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Explore marine hatch cover with hand wheel for ships for all industrial, commercial, and security purposes at . Get access to industry-dominating marine hatch cover with hand wheel for ships for unmatched utilities. Featured rina marine watertight door From Recognized Explore rina marine watertight door for all industrial, commercial, and security purposes at . Get access to industry-dominating rina marine watertight door for unmatched utilities. Hatches & Manholes - WinelWinel offers a wide range of standard hatches up to 800x800 mm. All hatches can be supplied by a quick acting closing mechanism, which is reliable and maintenance free. Operation can be done by lever, hand wheel or T-Key. Take a look at our hatch delivery program below. Each hatch is described further in its specification sheet.

M Series Direct-Mount Impact (Hammer Blow) Actuator -

The Hammer Blow mimics the motion of a hammer striking an anvil and delivers a quick, measured blow that will free up a sticky valve without damaging its internal or external parts. Ideal for overhead valves that tend to stick or are otherwise difficult to operate. Available in chain model (for operation above ground level) or handwheel model Marine Custom Boat Hatches,Marine Custom Boat Hatches Marine Custom Boat Hatches Description:1. Closure secured by:Drop Bolts; Flush Bolts; Raised Dog Handles; Flush Dog Handles; Single point Quick Action wheel or lever operation below and Flush Hex-head or Tee Slot single point activation on top of cover 2. Hatches installed with covers flush with the deck or above deck Marine Small Size Steel Hatch Cover,Marine Small Size Marine Small Size Steel Hatch Cover Used for various ships,meet to ISO5778-1994 Description:1. Smooth surface without cracks , corrosion resistance 2. Rubber gasket three years warranty 3. Surface befor painting:sandblasting 4. Painting:Epoxy zinc rich primer coating or anode oxidation-treament 5. Certificate:ABS GL LR KR NK CCS DNV BV

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Marine Soundproof and Gastight Steel Door. It is suitable for engine control room. This door panel is made of high quality steel which is anti-aging and anti-corrosion. It possesses functions of sound proofness and gas tightness. This door has excellent soundproof ability which reduces noise efficiently. The opening direction is optional. Marine Steel Quick Open Close Weathertight Watertight Marine Quick Open Quick Close Watertight Door All watertight doors are available in aluminum, steel or a combination of these metals meeting IMO, SOLAS requirements.It can be opened and closed quickly and lightly. Quick Open and Close Weathertight Aluminum Door It is a quick action door which is opened and closed quickly and lightly. It saves the time for opening a door and reduces the adverse impact of external environment. This door is installed at the position where weather conditions do not require the heavy watertight steel door, so a light weathertight aluminum door is sufficient. Compared with steel door, this aluminum door is lighter and cheaper.

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Marine Side Scuttle China Manufacturer . Marine Side ScuttlePortholeSide Scuttle is a water-tight circular window set on the side shell, superstructure and outer wall of the deckhouse of the ship. It is generally composed of the main window frame, glass pressing plate, storm cover, etc. Marine side scuttles, together with their glass and s Watertight hatches - THORMARINEEversendai offshore UAEs Eversendai Offshore RMC FZE, has been awarded contracts for the construction of 2 GustoMSC NG-2500X liftboats at a combined value of RM580 million ($180 million) from Vahana Offshore (S) Pte. Ltd. THORMARINE supplies in cooperation with the design and engineering department of Eversendai, in close cooperation with DNV all hatches on board of both vessels. aluminum watertight door - aluminum watertight door Steel Quick Open and Close Marine Watertight Door Press Watertight Door ,Boat Door s 2.Material:Steel, Aluminum ,Stainless Steel 3.Certificates:CCS,ABS,DNV,GL,LR,BV,NK. 1.Type AF AY STEEL WEATHERTIGHT DOOR Type Model no. Thru hole size H*W Door sheet size H*W H

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Quick lockage weather-tight hatch cover. Central rotatory handle clip. 530×530 530 630×630 630. D. Embedded weather-tight hatch cover. Reversible wedge-shaped handle clip. 530×530 630×830 630×630 830×830. E. Single-side lockage non-weather-tight hatch cover.