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Abortion and mental health:quantitative synthesis and

Third, in all three literature reviews the choice of studies lacked sufficient methodologically based selection criteria. 5 Reference Robinson, Stotland, Russo, Lang and Occhiogrosso 7 As a result the sample of studies included was either too broad, resulting in incorporation of results from numerous weaker studies, or too narrow, resulting Advances in sodium technology, testing and diagnostics of [en] The collection contains a selection of 29 papers from three international specialists' meetings:the CMEA conference ''Control and measuring instruments and diagnostic systems of fast reactors'' held in the GDR in April 1983; the IAEA conference on nuclear power experience held in Austria in September 1982; and the conference ''Problems of technology and corrosion in sodium coolant and

Bryophytes and heavy metals:a literature review

Jun 28, 2008 · Abstract. The literature on heavy metals in bryophytes is reviewed, including mechanisms of metal uptake, retention, toxicity and tolerance. Interspecies differences in particular are discussed, including the development of extreme tolerance encountered in certain taxa. DIN 17102 TStE500 Galvannealed Fb Phase Steel Carbon Selected abstracts of metalworking literature September in response to a notice of local law requirement.For more information,please see here.12NextSelected abstracts of metalworking literature September strength cold rolled steel sheet having a yield point of ~ 26.1 k g / m m 2,a yield ratio of ~,0.6 and an ~ value of r 1.6 and excelling High resolution spectroscopic follow-up of the most metal Jul 14, 2021 · Abstract:We present chemical abundances for 21 elements (from Li to Eu) in 150 metal-poor Galactic stars spanning $-$4.1 $<$ [Fe/H] $<$ $-$2.1. The targets were selected from the SkyMapper survey and include 90 objects with [Fe/H] $\le$

Improved Co I log(gf) Values and Abundance Determinations

New emission branching fraction measurements for 898 lines of the first spectrum of cobalt (Co i) are determined from hollow cathode lamp spectra recorded with the National Solar Observatory 1 m Fourier transform spectrometer on Kitt Peak, AZ and a high-resolution echelle spectrometer. Published radiative lifetimes from laser induced fluorescence measurements are combined with the branching Interaction trends between single metal atoms and oxide Jul 02, 2018 · The chosen properties have been proposed in the literature to have some correlation to metalmetal and metaloxide interactions and have been previously used in machine learning approaches 39 Linear Stability Analysis of Liquid Metal Flow in an Linear stability analysis of liquid metal flow driven by a constant pressure gradient in an insulating rectangular duct under an external uniform magnetic field was carried out. In the present analysis, since the Joule heating and induced magnetic field were neglected, the governing equations consisted of the continuity of mass, momentum equation, Ohm&rsquo;s law, and conservation of electric

Post-endodontic Restorations With Adhesively Luted Fiber

Purpose:To review the literature on adhesive luting of fiber-reinforced composite posts (FRC) to provide evidence for the clinical procedure of restoring endodontically treated teeth using FRC posts. Methods:Data focusing on bonding behavior between root canal dentin, luting agent, and FRC post in vitro as well as in vivo performance of teeth restored with FRC posts were reported. Predicting Cytotoxicity of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Using Oct 10, 2017 · A literature curated dataset containing 24 distinct metal oxide (MexOy) nanoparticles (NPs), including 15 physicochemical, structural and assay-related descriptors, was enriched with 62 atomistic computational descriptors and exploited to produce a robust and validated in silico model for prediction of NP cytotoxicity. The model can be used to predict the cytotoxicity (cell viability) of MexOy The SkyMapper-Gaia RVS view of the Gaia-Enceladus The clean Gaia-Enceladus-Sausage sample selected according to our criteria is slightly retrograde and lies along the blue sequence of the high V T halo colour magnitude diagram dual sequence. Using a galaxy mass-metallicity relation derived from cosmological simulations and assuming a mean stellar age of 10 Gyr, we estimate the mass of the Gaia

Transient Dynamics of the Metal V-Belt CVT:Effects of

Sep 28, 2006 · A continuously variable transmission (CVT) offers a continuum of gear ratios between desired limits. The present research focuses on developing a continuous one-dimensional model of the metal V-belt CVT in order to understand the influence of pulley flexibility and friction characteristics on its dynamic performance. WaterTriggered MetalFree Synthesis of Pyranopyrazoles Sep 12, 2018 · An all water strategy for the catalyst free chemo-selective synthesis of pyranopyrazoles via the reaction of 3-methyl-1-phenyl-1H-pyrazol-5(4H)-one with benzyl alcohols has been developed.Water actuates the reaction via electrophile nucleophile dual activation of the reactants through the concerted hydrogen bonding network and impel the reactants for CC bond formation. dCas9-mediated transcriptional activation of tissue dCas9-mediated transcriptional activation of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases Tyler Duellman, Andrea Doll, Xi Chen, Rie Wakamiya, Jay YangDepartment of Anesthesiology, University of Wisconsin SMPH, Madison, WI, USAAbstract:Selective gene activation with the dCas9 (deactivated clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats [CRISPR] associated protein 9)/CRISPR targeting of a

MetalAir Batteries:From Static to Flow System - Han

Aug 05, 2018 · Abstract As an emerging battery technology, classical works on conventional metalair batteries are selected and compared with the metalair flow systems, highlighting the prominent advantages of the latter in achieving high energy capacity and long cycle performance. Citing Literature. Volume 8, Issue 27. September 25, 2018