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ATMR6, Class CC Fast Acting Fuse, 600VAC, 200kA IR, 6 A

SpecificationsFerraz Shawmut Class CC Fast Acting Fuse, 600VAC, 200kA IR, 6 Ampere (QTY 1) GENERAL SPECIFICATIONSRatingsVolts600VAC/DCAmps 6AInterrupting Rate200kA AC Competitor Cross ReferenceThe part number (s) suggested in this cross-reference search represent the closest Eaton's Bussmann Business equivalent based upon the entered competitive part number. It is the responsibility of the user to review the product specifications to determine suitability for the intended application.

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Compliance & Certifications. Mersen has electrical protection products to meet every major standard in every country in the world. We have experts versed in both regional codes and international regulations, and quality processes recognized the world over. We can help you get your product to market, wherever that market might be. FWX, A25X, L25S Semiconductor Fuses, Alan's SalesAlan's Sales specializes in new surplus or overstock FUSES for the Electrical and Electronic Industry. We sell new, new old stock, and used fuses, fusegear, tools and other associated equipment. Products manufactured by:Eaton-Bussmann, Mersen (Gould - Ferraz Shawmut), Littelfuse, Edison. Ferraz Shawmut / Mersen Sales A3T & A6T Series / Class TA3T & A6T Series / Class T . These small dimension fuses are the right fit for a tight fit - Fast acting A3T Class T fuses combine two highly desirable features - high current limitation and a small physical size. Their unique dimensions prevent the substitution of other fuses with lower voltage ratings or current limiting capability.

Ferraz Shawmut / Mersen Sales Semiconductor Fuses

Few of today's powered products don't rely on semiconductor technology to some degree. That means extending circuit protection to thyristors, triacs, diodes, and a host of other solid-state components. Ferraz Shawmut offers a vast, truly international line of semiconductor fuses to Fuse Catalog Ferraz Shawmut FusesNorberg~IES 4237 South 74th East Avenue Tulsa, Oklahoma 74145. Phone:(918) 665-6888 (800) 739-9145. Fax:(918) 663-8615. Email:[email protected] HSJ60, Class J High Speed Fuse, 600VAC, 300kA IR, 60 A 60608J. Ferraz Shawmut Fuse Holder for Class J Fuses, 600V/60A max., 3 Pole (Qty 1) $51.25. HSJ60-10PK. Ferraz Shawmut Class J High Speed Fuse, 600VAC, 300kA IR, 60 Ampere - 1 Box of Qty 10. Typically Ships Within 1 Business Day. $200.55. M60J12. Mersen UL98 Fusible Disconnect Switch, Front operated, 3-pole, 1 + 2 configuration, 60A, J Fuse.

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Mersen - Ferraz Shawmut; Mersen - Ferraz Shawmut. 20308R Ferraz Shawmut Fuse Block 250V 3 Pole 30Amp. 20308R FERRAZ SHAWMUT FUSE BLOCK - NEW Cross Reference Competitor Fuses. Under 1 Amp Equivalent Ratings. Specials. BONLR53100 BUSSMANN Non Mersen History1999 - Carbone Lorraine acquires Gould Shawmut and forms Ferraz Shawmut. 2007 - Ferraz Shawmut acquires Power Fuse group from General Electric - USA 2008 Ferraz Shawmut acquires majority ownership of MEP/Miro - China 2008 Ferraz Shawmut acquires R-Theta Thermal Management - Canada 2010 Ferraz Shawmut acquires M.Schneider Sicherungs OTM1, Midget Class Fast Acting Fuse, 250VAC, 10kA IR, 1 AFerraz Shawmut Midget Class Fast Acting Fuse, 250VAC, 10kA IR, 1 Ampere - 1 Box of Qty 10. Typically Ships Within 1 Business Day. $13.90. USGM1. Ferraz Shawmut Ultrasafe Modular Fuse Holder for Midget Class Fuses (30A max), WAGO Cage Clamp Spring Pressure Terminals, 1 Pole.

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Brand Names:Ferraz Shawmut Fuses, Circuit Protection, Power Interconnection and Thermal Management Mersen Select-A-Fuse® - This Windows®-based fuse selection software by Mersen provides quick and accurate overcurrent protection for low- and medium-voltage motors, power and control transformers, and general loads. semiconductor fuse|bussmann|fuse cross reference|ABPowerHow to tell genuine or fake Bussmann fuse, NH fuse, 170M fuse comparation Energy Storage system Fuse solution . Energy Storage fuse solution 1000VDC, 1500VDC, 2000VDC fuse semiconductor protection DC fuse cross reference (Bussmann, Merse.. Bussmann, Mersen/ Ferraz Shawmut, Littelfuse, SIBA..Ferraz Shawmut / Mersen Sales Special Purpose FusesSpecial Purpose Fuses. Highly specialized applications all share one thingthe need for high-performance circuit protection. Ferraz Shawmut brings more than a century of expertise to developing reliable solutions for the most application-specific requirements.